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Abril Figueroa: TikTok Queen, Plus-Size Model, and Your New Obsession

Abril Figueroa is a plus-sized TikTok and Instagram star. She is well known for her hit TikTok videos among youth. She belongs to Honduras. She was born and grew up in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She went to the local high school and completed her graduation from her hometown. During her study, she found her talent in modeling and acting.

Abril Figueroa Plus size model

Abril is a young, beautiful, and talented model and actress. She has performed in a different fashion show as a model. She has an impressive personality with a cute face.

Her Charismatic figure made her to appear as a beautiful model on social media.

Initially, she has appeared as a famous star on different social media platforms and made her career as super model and actress.

Abril also presents herself as an actress in several web series and movies.

This intelligent girl also established her name in the modeling industry. And now she has become a rising supermodel in the fashion industry.

She is also using her Instagram account for brand promotions. She has shared her traveling vlogs, personal life events, and other informative content on Instagram.

Apart from these, Abril is also entertaining her fans on TikTok. She has a huge number of followers on TikTok titled with the username Maryorygalo11.1. And she achieved 675.5k followers.

She amuses her fans with her bold performance, lip-syncing, and other entertainment-related stuff on TikTok.

This cute model also raised herself as a famous You Tuber in June 2012. She frequently uploads her informative blogs on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Name: Abril Figueroa

Date of Birth: 21 November 2000

Age: 22 Years

Birthplace: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Nationality: Honduran

Profession: Model, Actress, Social media Star

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 65 kg

Hairs: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Net worth: $800k

Hobbies: Modeling, acting, traveling, and dancing.

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What a plus size model. She is awesome.

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