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Alexandra Freckles Biography, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Plus Size Model From Florida

As always we bring new models and their biographies and quick facts to you. Similarly our today’s model Is a new face of Instagram and she is getting popular day by day.

Alexandra Freckles Quick Facts

Her name is Alexandra. Based in United States of America, This model is tall and curvy. She has got amazing beautiful curvy body. Her natural figure has attracted thousands of followers towards her. Alexandra became popular by posting her lifestyle and travelling photos on Instagram.

Alexandra Freckles Biography

She has got an amazing personality which is very attractive. Best part of Alexandra is she is simple and very elegant. Her choice of clothing is very special as she wears stunning outfits that are very up to date and classic as well.

Alexandra Freckles Plus Size Model

Alexandra is not in a relationship right now. She has got a height of around 5 feet 4 inches an she weighs around 84 kgs. The model has a hobby of travelling shopping and reading books. She is also fond of eating and listening to music.

Plus size model from Florida

Alexandra is popular for her makeovers which are very delicate and nude. She has been gaining popularity on Instagram. She has got 15.1K followers on her Instagram account right now.

American plus size model on the beach

Alexandra has got beautiful light brown colored hair. She has got amazing earthly green colored eyes which are very beautiful.

The sweet model has a net worth of around 300 K US dollars. By profession she is a social media star, a brand promoter, a digital content creator, and an Instagram celebrity. She is a multi talented model who is also a famous TikToker on which she has got 37,000 followers right now.

That’s all about Alexandra we hope you have enjoyed the biography and pictures of this amazing plus size mode. Please don’t forget to subscribe to ModaFacts.


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