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Ashley Bova - American Plus Size Models, Brand Ambassador, Quick Facts, Biography

What else can be an exciting day when you read on your favorite blog. Hello lovely viewers, Yes we are here once again with new biography related to your favorite Instagram model. We have selected gorgeous Ashley Bova, one of the most pretty and attractive plus size models, with her latest photos and fact file.

Ashley Bova Quick Facts

Dandy, confident, mature and professional, Ashley is a successful social media star who touches the height of modelling world. Her looks are so stunning that you can’t ignore her photos, she uploads on Instagram and other social networking websites.

trendy plus size models

Ashely is living in United States of America. She is known as a body positive person. Her positivity has made her unique, and that’s why her natural body and then it’s acceptance make her wonderful.

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Ashley likes to stay close to serene places. Her vibrant and dynamic selection of clothing has been followed by number of people. On Instagram, Ashely has got 234K followers on her Instagram account. This superb model has amazing black colored hair that are very smooth.

american instagram star and plus size models

The model is linked with mjcurve modelling agency. She is also a brand ambassador of popular plus size brand fashion nova curve. Ashley shares her modelling photos on Instagram. This natural model is currently not in a relationship. Also, the net worth she has right now is around 800K US dollars.

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Her eye color is mixed green with brown. Height of the model is approximately 5 feet 6 inches. She has a weight of 78 kg. Ashely looks stunning in bikinis. This model is very up to date about fashion. Also her hobby is to wear stylish and modern cuts.

Ashely has been working for brands like FN curve, Dollskill, Curvy sense, Adam and Eve and more.


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Mar 18

She needs to pay her bills!!!


Mar 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

She is superb

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