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Bella Mkay - Unique & Beautiful Plus Sized Model, Instagram Star, Quick Facts

Bella Mkay, is a unique and beautiful plus sized model. She is an Instagram star and a public figure. Bella is gorgeous and she is very hard working fashion model.

Bella Mkay Wiki

The social media star has an amazing attractive figure. She is also a content creator. Bella is also a co-owner of Bella believe talent. It is a talent hunting modelling agency.

Bella Mkay Wiki Biography

Bella believes that not only thin and smart models can run the show, but also plus size models can win the hearts of the people.

Bella Mkay Quick Facts

She is a firm believer, that she all girls can reach to their goals and can be successful in their career. She is very famous on all social media platforms. Her fans love her looks and posts.

Bella Mkay Plus Size Model

Currently, the model has got 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account.

Bella Mkay - Age, Weight, Height, Profession, Lifestyle, Net Worth

Real Name: Bella Mkay.

Date of Birth: May 15th 1998.

Age: she is currently 22 years old.

Height: 5 feet 9 inches.

Weight: she weighs around 60 kg.

Country: United States.

Nationality: American.

Profession: Modelling, Body positive activist and a social media entrepreneur.

Hair Color: blonde.

Eye Color: black.

Dress Size: 14.

Shoe Size: 8.

Hobbies: Dining out, modelling and travelling.

Body Measurements: 40, 34, 42.

Net Worth: the amazing woman has got a net worth of around 700 k US dollars.

She is single.

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