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Yuna: The Plus-Size Model and Influencer Taking Over Instagram

Updated: Mar 2

Yuna is our today’s selected model. She is very stylish model. This sweet lady is known as a social media plus size celebrity who is also a content creator, a body positive Activist and a brand promoter.

Yuna likes to go for walk on beaches. She is very close to serene places. Her style is very versatile. The model looks stunning in bikinis. This Instagram celebrity is very confident. Her accessories collection is very awesome.

The model has got beautiful black colored hair. The eye colour of Yuna is dark brown. She has got chubby figure.

The approximate body measurements of Yuna are 38, 36 and 40 inches. This model shares her lifestyle photos with her fans. Her Instagram popularity is increasing day by day.

Right now Yuna has got 186 thousand followers on her Instagram account.

The social media model is based frim United Arab Emirates. She is currently living in Qatar.

She has got middle Eastern beauty which makes her unique on social media.

Yuna is not open about her relationship status. Her bags and shoe collection is very large and extremely luxury. She show her collections on her reels and short videos.

The model has a net worth of around 700 thousand US dollars. She enjoys her luxury life style.

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yuna is sexy

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