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Dyandra Florincio Facts & Wiki, Gorgeous Social Media Star From Brazil, Plus Size Model

Dyandra Florincio is an amazing plus size model. She is famous for her outstanding beauty and stunning figure. The gorgeous social media star is from Brazil. She is currently living in a Parana.

Dyandra Florincio Facts

Dyandra is a tall lady who is confident and bold. She has a unique body which makes her look more beautiful. The plus size model has beautiful lips. She is very active on social media.

Dyandra believes that with plus size body, you are able to enjoy all aspects of life. She is a body positive activist. Her rosy lips and beautiful reddish brown hair make her look more amazing. Dyandra works for clothing brands like nataxa shop, pere Morena lingerie, kauana Reis and many others.

Dyandra Florincio Plus Size

She shows off her figure with full confidence. The Brazilian super star is very famous and she actively participates in social media. She currently has 20.5K followers on her Instagram profile. Dyandra also works with number of famous photographers like Alexander Perich, Bianca Fernanda and many others.

Dyandra Florincio Biography

The social media star is also a beach lover. She likes to swim and enjoy the nature.

Real Name: Dyandra Florincio.

Country: Brazil.

Nationality: Brazilian.

Dress Size: 14.

Shoe Size: 8.

Eye Color: Brown.

Hair Color: Reddish Brown.

Hobbies: travelling, shopping and modelling.

Profession: modelling, digital creator, and brand promoter.

Net Worth: the beautiful model has a net worth of around 400k to 500k US dollars.

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