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Eva Bogut Biography, A Siberian Girl, Fashion Model & Content Creator

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Eva Bogut Plus Size Model

Welcome to the ModaFacts blog which is all about social media stars and Instagram celebrities. Today, we are going to discuss a model and her life style whose name is Eva Bogut.

Eva Bogut Siberian Girl

Calls herself A Siberian girl, Eva is purely natural model with attractive looks and stunning body. She has got an amazing style. Eve is confident, brave and very passionate about her job.

Eva Bogut quick facts

She gained popularity since she started to post her amazing photos on Instagram. Since then, she has become heart throb of around 175K followers on Instagram.

eva bogut plus size model

This girl is very pretty and she is a digital content creator. She creates amazing digital content which is also very eye catching.

Eva is basically Siberian but right now she is living in Japan. Her career began from social media as a model and creative content maker.

Eva Bogut Biography and Wiki

She has a height of 5 feet 7 inches. The model has a weight of approximately 65 kg. She has got beautiful black colored hair and greenish brown coloured eyes.

She has a fashion icon. Her clothing, her accessories collection and selection is amazing.

Eva Bogut Fashion Model

Eva looks gorgeous in black colored dresses. She likes to travel as well that can be seen from her photos. Eva has a friendly nature.

She is not open about her relationship status. She likes to eat Japanese food and travelling is her hobby too.

Eva Bogut Curvy Model

Eva regularly shares her Honk Kong lifestyle with her fans. She receives hundreds of likes each day. Her looks and very simple but very decent.

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Mar 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Eva Bogut is the best.

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