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Kenna Sharp Biography, A Plus Size Model, Big and Tall Models Quick Facts

Our aim is to provide best information about Instagram beautiful ladies i.e plus size models, social media personalities and famous celebrities from all over the world, and share their latest photos, biographies and quick facts.

Kenna Sharp Biography

Our today’s selected model is Kenna Sharp. She is an amazing model who had got superb personality. The model is curvy and tall. Her looks are very natural and that’s why she is becoming famous on internet day by day.

Kenna Sharp Quick Facts

Kenna is based from United States of America. This social media star creates amazing content which is quite eye catching.

Kenna Sharp Biography - A Plus Size Model

Kenna has a height of around 5 feet 6 inches. She weighs around 85 kg. This amazing girl is very friendly and approachable. She is not open about her relationship status.

Kenna Sharp - curvy plus size models

The net worth of the model is around 609 thousand US dollars. She claims to be all natural.

The hair color of the American beauty is black. Her hair are beautiful silky and smooth. She has a cute baby face. Her eyes are beautiful hazel colored.

Kenna Sharp - Big and Tall Models

She is popular among all age groups. Right now she has got 110 thousand fan Followers on her Instagram account.

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Kenna is a smart person. She is multi talented model. Her aim so to create awareness about body positivity thorough her work. She has also been working for music videos. This super star has been promoting brands like Selkie, fashion brand company, and many more.

Kenna Sharp - curvy model

Kenna is now a full time model. She has a lot dearest friends in her life as well. She has an influential personality and she is known to be a social media influencer.

That is all about the Kenna Sharp. We hope you have enjoyed today’s biography. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog ModaFacts and have fun watching our other content.

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She is a beautiful plus size model.

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