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Meet Bella Bodhi: Hungary's Plus-Size Model and Body Positivity Champion | Wiki

Bella Bodhi is a stunning and gorgeous model on Instagram. She is a plus size model and a social media star on Instagram. The model is very bold and beautiful. Bella belongs to Hungary. She is a body positive activist who is very positive about her body weight.

She has set an example for all plus size people.

Bella Bodhi Plus Size Model Biography

The model has a beautiful figure. She is quite popular on Instagram and currently the model has 2.4 Millions followers on her Instagram account.

Bella Bodhi has amazing dressing style and she creates eye catching content with her unique style and stylish outfits.

Bella is popular for her unique smile and straight long hair. Her fans love her stunning looks. The model is all natural. She is a social media influencer. Bella shares her travelling, life style and selfies on her Instagram account.

Bella loves winter. She has lots of photos on Instagram in which she is posing in snow covered areas.

Name: Bella Bodhi.

Country: Hungary.

Nationality: Hungarian.

Hair color: golden brown.

Eye color: hazel brown.

Net worth: The bold and beautiful model has a net worth of approximately 400 k US dollars.

Hobbies: the model loves natural. She also likes to buy stylish dresses.

Dress size: 14 to 16.

Shoe size: 8.

Profession: She is an Instagram star, a fashion stylist and a social media Influencer.

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Mar 11
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

She is gorgeous

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