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Miss Diamond Doll Biography | Plus Size Super Model, Body Positive Activist

Updated: Mar 8

Miss diamond doll is a super model on Instagram. She has million of followers that follow her on daily basis. The curvy model is a real influencer for all plus size body people. She is a body positive activist.

Miss Diamond doll likes to visit beaches. She shares her life style and creative photos on her Instagram profile. The model is very bold and brave. Her photos are very unique and exciting.

Miss Diamond Doll - Age, Weight, Height, Lifestyle, Net Worth

Currently the sweet model has got 1.9 million followers. She is also popular on other social media platforms. The stunning model works for many fashion related brands. The gorgeous social media star is a brand ambassador of fashion nova curve.

She looks hot in all types of dresses. Her outfits are eye catching and she enjoys sharing it with her fans. Miss diamond doll has won the hearts of her fans with her natural beauty. She has never gone through any kind of plastic surgery.

She also works for dollskill clothing brand.

Instagram Name: Miss Diamond Doll.

Country: Canada.

Nationality: Canadian.

Eye color: she has got light brown eye color.

Hair color: the curvy model has got dark brown hair color.

Profession: the gorgeous model is a social media star, body positive activist, brand promoter and a digital content creator.

Hobbies: she loves to pose, shopping and travelling.

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Mar 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

She is amazing

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