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Nicole Nurko (Nicole Grimaldi) Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Lifestyle and Wiki

Our today’s model is Nicole Grimaldi. She is a successful digital content creator and an Instagram personality. She loves to do make ups of unique styles. This gorgeous model is not only a social media influencer but also a body positive Activist.


The model looks beautiful in all types of outfits. She is smart and very passionate about her work. Nicole actively posts on social media. From her posts her lifestyle is very clear.

Pretty Nicole Nurko Biography


She likes to eat food and she is a fun loving Model. Full name of this amazing model is Nicole Grimaldi. She is from United States of America. Nicole is very famous on social media. She has got 2.1 million fan following on social media.


This American lady is a brand ambassador of fashion nova curve. She likes to wear stylish clothes. Her looks are very beautiful. She has got black colored. Her hair are silky and very shiny. This gorgeous model has got hazel brown coloured eyes.


Nicole Nurko, Nicole Grimaldi Wiki

Her weight is around 83 kg. She is about 5 feet 7 inches tall. She is a famous brand promoter. Her hobbies are shopping, travelling and listening to music.


She wears beautiful cut dresses and her accessories collection is very unique as well. Her aim is to create awareness about body acceptance.


Nicole also shares her short videos with her fans. She has got beautiful lips.

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Wow she is so cute fashion model.

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