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Tiana Sala Biography, Quick Facts and Story Of This Plus Size Model

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Our today’s model is Tiana Sala. Just like her amazing name, she has got an amazing personality. Her looks are very beautiful and versatile. She is a gem as she is a popular social media star and a body positive Activist as well. The model has amazing figure.

Tiana Sala Plus Size Model

She has got beautiful eyes. Her body is natural and curvy. She likes to swim and Tiana is an amazing swimmer.

Tiana Sala Biography

Tiana has got superb body. She is a social media influencer whose fans are increasing day by day. Right now she has got 79.2 k followers on her Instagram account.

Tiana Sala Quick Facts

Let’s discuss few more things about this model.

Tiana Sala Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Hobbies & Relationships

Real Name: The full name of this model is Taina Sala.

Nationality: Tiana was born and raised in Australia. She has an Australian nationality.

Birth Sign: The birth sign of the model is Gemini.

Hair Color: Tiana has dyed reddish brown colored hair.

Eye Color: this Australian beauty has got light brown coloured eyes.

Weight: Tiana weighs around 68 kg.

Height: she is approximately 5 feet 6 inches.

Relationship Status: she is single right now as she didn’t share any of her relationship posts on social media.

Hobbies: she loves to swim. Modelling and content creating are her passions.

She works with brands like rare collective official, CAMO, sheike and many more.

Net Worth: her net worth can be estimated from 600 to 700 thousand US dollars.

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