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Uilani Babe Quick Facts, Plus Size Model, Social Media Stars

These days social media stars are getting a lot of popularity. It’s because they share their lifestyle with their fans. We also promote social media stars and celebrities that are natural, positive and creative.

Uilani Babe Quick Facts

Like always our today’s celebrity is unique and natural. Her name is uilanibabe. Confident and brave, this social media star is a plus size model, a digital content creator and a body positive Activist.

Uilani Babe Plus Size Model

She is very proud of her natural body. Uilani is a well educated and we’ll established social media star. Let’s talk more about this beautiful model.

Name: her name is Uilani and her Instagram profile nick is uilanibabe.

Country: She was born and raised is United States of America.

Nationality: This model is an American national.

Uilani Babe Biography

Height: She is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Weight: The American model weighs around 68.5 kg.

Hair Color: She has got black colored long hair.

Eye Color: Uilani has got dark brown colored eyes.

Profession: She is a model, a content creator, a social media star and a brand promoter. She is working under social media agency.

American Plus Size Modle Uilani

Right now she is an official brand ambassador of fashion nova curve brand.

Instagram Followers: Uilani has got 489 thousand fans on her Instagram account.

Hobbies: She loves to travel and enjoy the nature. Her aim is to promote positivity thorough her work. She is a workaholic.

The model also likes to do shopping. She wears stunning clothes that are also very eye catching.

Relationship Status: She is not in a relationship.

Net Worth: Her net worth can be estimated around 600 thousand US dollars.

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