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Who is Erin Marley Klay? Bikini Plus Size Model, Age, Weight, Height, Hobbies, Quick Facts

Our today’s model is quite impressive. Her name is Erin Marley. She is very tall, natural and very hard working. She looks stunning in party wears and bikinis. The model loves to go on hiking and she is fond of swimming as well. Erin is a social media influencer who likes to stay as it is.

Erin Marley Klay Plus Size Model

She has a huge fan following on her Instagram account. Right now this amazing model has got 295k followers on her Instagram account. She is working with various modelling agencies like la models curve and new York models.

Erin Marley Klay Quick Facts

She is also an official brand ambassador of fashion nova curve. Erin shares her lifestyle and travelling photos and videos with her fans. She also shares her shooting videos.

Let’s talk about this model.

Erin Marley Klay Biography

Erin Marley Klay Biography, Quick Facts, Profession, Social Media Personality

Real Name: Erin Marley Klay.

Country: She was born and raised in United States of America.

Nationality: Erin is an American national.

Height: This amazing model is around 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Weight: She weighs around 78 kg.

Hair Color: the hair color of this American beauty is light brown.

Eye Color: this gorgeous model has stunning light blue colored eyes.

Hobbies: Erin loves to do swimming in open waters and pools. She is also a pet lover. Erin has got her own pet cat and she shares her pet’s photos as well.

Profession: By profession she is a social media star, a brand ambassador and a digital content creator.

That is all about this amazing person.


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